Literally my favorite vine of all time

everything affects everything
like the sun shining on your
brown eyes just as it kisses
the morning dew on the daisies.
you squint your eyes to block
the light crystals from waking you
up into the dark world you live in.
the dew drips onto the grass
feeding their thirsty mouths waiting
for the spring rain to come early this year.
just as you open your eyes to come to realize
that you just want to go back to sleep
because dreams are always another nightmare away
from waking up in your own nightmare of a life.
but ever so slowly you arise from your sleep,
you get up,
get dressed,
and waltz away into the unknown of the day
hoping it will be another bad one to suffice
you to finally not open those beautiful brown eyes
again to the morning lights crystal of another horrible
day in this dark world.
a poem for the dark soul (via dripptripp)